Sooo close

So our trip to Cambodia is just around the corner!

I’m excited to leave Grand Rapids behind and go see a place with a different culture, landscape, history, people and even climate than West Michigan.One of the things i am most looking forward to is the food especially the fried spiders. I am also looking forward to meeting people who are from a different walk of life then me. And I am very excited to see how God is working in Cambodia. I am also eager to see Cambodia’s scenery, whither its a busy city or quite rural areas. Although I am excited to experience a bit of Cambodia, I also have a few worries. For one I am NOT looking forward to being fused to my coach seat on Korean Air after our 17 hour flight. Second I am a little worried about the size of the group. In my experience we Calvin students stick out like a sheet of metal in the sun. So a large group though great for reminiscing about our shared experience may be a bit overwhelming-annoying for the local people.Third I am worried about the heat and humidity (ive never been a fan of either). Well that’s about all of them..i hope

All in all wither I am ready for this trip or not its coming up fast 🙂

see you guys at the flag pole

andrew rienstra



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