Hey all,

This is probably going to read pretty closely to other intro posts, but that’s okay, right?

To say I’m really excited for Cambodia would probably be an understatement. I mean, it’s just plain exciting to travel in the first place, but on top of that, I’m certain it’s going to be an eye-opening trip, making it all the more special. I’d bet everyone else in the group feels pretty similarly.

That’s something that will be interesting for me though: seeing as I don’t attend Calvin College, I know less than five other people going on this trip. I guess all those travel hours can be used for something after all then, eh? At least, if we’re not all crazy after 20ish hours of confined travel.

Something I’m slightly worried about is the food, but it should be more than fine. College has taught me to eat a lot of questionable food, haha.

Well, I look forward to meeting those who are going on the trip, and I appreciate the thoughts and prayers of those following the blog from the States.

See y’all in a week,

Zac Baker


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