Second Time Around

As this will be my second time as a traveler to Cambodia, my anticipation is much different than what it was the first time I went. I am no longer afraid of the uncertainties of the trip (new foods, new smells, new places, new people) nor of the length of the trip (3 weeks seems too short!) Instead, I have spent my time wondering how I will perceive Cambodia for the second time. The beautiful little country stole a piece of my heart the first time, and I wonder what or which part it will steal away the second time. I wonder if I will see the people in a new way. I wonder if I will experience the culture from a new perspective. And I wonder if Angkor Wat will be just as impressive the second time around 🙂

Some things, I know will be the same. I will still spend the hours before my flight packing my suitcase. I will still love to try new foods and eat new things for the first time. I will still get frustrated at my ability to only retain 10-15 Khmer words at a time. And, I am sure, that there will still be only so many times that I can play “Crocodile oh my Croc, Croc, Croc” with kids at different organizations.

I look forward to bumpy bus rides and thrilling tuktuk adventures!

Alison DeRooy


1 thought on “Second Time Around

  1. Since you are experienced Alison, I think you will be a great help to my awesome nephew Jay Gabbard. His entire family-on his mom’s side-cause I don’t have the counts on the other side (9 devoted cousins, 3 awesome uncles, 3 aunties and 1 wild grandma) is praying not only for him, but for all of you that you will have a significant impact on the people and children of Cambodia by making them aware of our amazing Father in Heaven and how much he loves each 1 of them. I pray that you all will see how God is using you to make this world a better place by bringing ALL to know him as our Savior. Stay safe and can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Oh, by the way…of course we have a few Dutch people in this family…

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