A Snapshot From Thailand

As Abby has already said, we had a big day in Bangkok yesterday and have spent most of today traveling into Cambodia. It’s a beautiful country and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the country.

One of my biggest moments so far was when we visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok yesterday. We saw the Emerald Buddha, which was my first time being in a Buddhist temple. The temple was ornately designed with tons of gold, Italian tiles, and intricate art lining the ceiling and walls. We took our shoes off before entering the temple, then walked in and sat down before the Buddha. People were coming and going like crazy, sitting down next to me, praying and prostrating, then leaving to be on their way. Some worshipers lingered, taking their time to soak in the beauty of the place and pray to their god. To be honest, it was quite a beautiful thing. I believe that Christ is the truth, but I appreciated being able to share in this meaningful religious practice with Buddhists from all over the world. I wish that I could have spent more time in the temple, observing and learning from these people that are so different from me.

The massive cultural overload has been a little daunting, but I am slowly getting accustomed to expecting new experiences around every corner.

Jess Montague


2 thoughts on “A Snapshot From Thailand

  1. I am praising God for your safe travels, your willing Profs and for your experiences thus far. Thanks for your updates.
    Dee Gabbard

  2. Nizhoni is excited to hear about your cultural and religiously diverse experiences

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