We made it! We arrived in Cambodia! Even though today was long because of all the traveling, I actually enjoyed it. The bus rides provided great oppourtunities to get to know some of these wonderful people I am spending the next 3 weeks with. And I was expecting that crossing the border would be difficult and really long, so it relation to my expectations it went fairly smoothly. The main thing so far, and it will probably continue to be is to be flexible. We have already seen plans change in small ways, and I suspect changes will be “normal.” It has been a great learning and stretching experience and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our trip in the next 3 weeks!


1 thought on “Cambodia!!!

  1. To all the Cambodia team,
    I wish you many obvious God-moments, and many insights into this amazing world and its people. I pray that each of you will gain insights into God’s will for His kingdom through you! Carrie VanderHulst, Calvin alum (and friend)

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