Pilgrim or Tourist

Hello this is Matt Stoel. In our journal there is a page which is called  Pilgrim or Tourist. Within this paragraph is a section on what we believe a pilgrim or a tourist looks like. In my mind there is a stark difference between the two. When I signed up for this trip I wantd it to be one in which I could explore and emerse myslef within the culture, not just observe that. Althoguh we have been staying in pretty nice hotels, we are now starting to get out of the tourist places and working at non profits and other places. There are times where it is unavoidable to not to be a tourist due to the way we need to eat so we dont get sick or other things such as that. Other times you can be a pilgrim and almost be a native within the country. For me this trip is a pilgrimage.

When we were in Bangkok we really did not get a chance to look around too much because we only stayed there a for two nights but now that we have been in Siem Reip for a while we are starting to venture out and do new things. We are exploring and learning quite a bit but i believe that the most important part of this trip is my thought process. Everyday something new seems to come up which makes me think. It may not be extremly significant or obvious but this alters my thoughts and leads me to different views and thoughts about what Cambodia is like, and how I should think. One of my favorite books is the pilgrims progress, and although this trip is quite a bit different, there are many steps along the way that hopefully will lead me closer to the celestial city.


1 thought on “Pilgrim or Tourist

  1. Matty, i hope things are good brother! My mom has been asking a lot of your travels, she has been very excited for you to see the country where her and my father are from. Surpringly, she heard from Savath, and we know how much Savath talks about anything. He asked numerous questions about your travels, he even said he would want to visit Cambodia with you, and show you more of the khmer culture. I hope you are having a good time and learn the culture as much as you can, because one day your nephew is going to ask me about the culture, and the country. And I am going to say ask your uncle Matt, he took a trip there he knows more than me!!! Have fun, we Love you!!

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