Rules of the Roads in Cambodia

1. Rules of the Road in Cambodia are NOT = to rules of the road in USA.
2. While staying on the right side while riding a bike is what you are “supposed” to do, it is perfectly acceptable to ride down the left side, especially if you are about to make a left turn, have just made a left turn, but it’s even okay beyond that, so BE AWARE of your surroundings.
3. Stop signs do not exist. While I did see a grand total of like 3 traffic lights, most intersections don’t even have stop signs. The biggest vehicle had the right of way.
4. Honking is not a bad thing, nor does it mean someone is angry with you. Because there are no stop signs, it is the primary way of communication. It usually means “I am coming through, and I’m not stopping, so you might want to get out of the way,” or “I am passing you, beware.”
5. Lanes are merely suggestions. There are often multiple vehicles in one lane, sometimes even a car and a bike. And passing between the lanes that both have a car on a motorbike -perfectly normal.
There are even more “rules” than that, but the strange thing was, I felt safer on the roads of Cambodia on a bike than I would on the roads of the US on a bike. Maybe it’s because traffic moves slower, but I think for the most part the drivers of bigger vehicles are very conscious of cyclists and are courteous of them, unlike the US is often.
We went to an international church service today, which was completely in English. I hope at some point we can go to a service in a different language, but I do appreciate knowing what is being said.
I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. Many of us got a Dr. Fish massage, where there is a tank of fish and you put your feet in and let the fish bite off the dead skin. It feels sooooo weird, and most of us could not help but laugh and look ridiculous for the first 5 minutes as we struggled to keep our feet in the water because of the instinct to pull away. Some people even took videos so we can treasure the memory forever. =)
And there were several of us who took Tuk Tuks back to the hotel after our fish massage – the one I rode in was the best, we started out the last of the line and our driver ended up passing everyone on the way and got us to the hotel first.
With how great yesterday was, I can’t wait to see what God has in store today!
Proverbs 3:5-6,


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