First Thoughts

Kevin Cooper

I would like to take a minute to share with you all why I even decided to come on this interesting trip to see this unique place. My older brother Jon came on this same interim a few years ago and then after graduation he decided to come back and live here for a year. Needless to say it was an interesting decision in my mind to say the least. However, when looking through pictures and seeing the change in my brother after his experiences I began to contemplate an international interim myself.

During the fall semester one night Mitchell Feria and I were in the basement busy with our studies as all Calvin students always are. We got to talking about where we saw ourselves in a few years after college, what degrees we would have, what jobs we wanted and where God wanted us. We came to the conclusion that we had very few answers to any of these questions. At nearly the same time we both thought to ourselves wouldn’t it be nice if God just told us where he wanted us to go and what he wanted us to do. As if God was listening to our conversation my older brother Jon gave me a call just then. He said that earlier that day he had talked to Professor Derooy and he found out that there were still spots left on the Cambodia Interim. Jon simply suggested that I go talk to him the next day and think and pray about whether or not I should go. This was certainly an easy answer to understand and the decision to come on the interim was not a difficult one. So here I am writing to you all from Cambodia still amazed at how I came to be in this amazing place.


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