Jessalyn’s first thoughts

God lead me through quite a journey in order to come on this interim. I was orginally planning on going to Belize, but when God closed that door I decided that He didn’t want me to go anywhere, but to stay at Calvin. But I still had a longing to go somewhere, so I finally decided to look at the other interims and Cambodia jumped out as a possibility along the lines of what I was interested in. So here I am!
I hope to be able to see how God is working in the lives of those around me on this trip, to grow in my relationship with God as I step outside of my comfort zone and to learn to trust Him in new ways.
The personal strength I can contribute – lots of pray and maybe flexibility/laid back/go with the flow spirit that can help others relax too.
My prayer is that everyone on this trip comes back changed and closer to God. I pray we step out of our comfort zones and give glory to our Lord and Savior through it all!!


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