Official Course Blog Assignments

Over the next couple weeks, there will be series of official course blog assignments. A handful of students will be blogging on each of our focus issues or topics for reflection. I will post the description of the assignments for our students and for our blog followers back home. Some students have already posted on one of these first two assignments. We hope that through these reflection opportunities we can all grow our hearts and minds in good directions.

Course Assignment #1: First Thoughts

Summarize, report and reflect on these questions from our course packet pages 2-3.Why are you on this interim? What do you hope for a trip outcome? What is a personal strength tha tyou can contribute to the group? And, what is your prayer for this interim?

Course Assignment #2: Pilgrim or Tourist

Summarize and reflect on your exploration of your own “pilgrim vs tourist” orientations to this trip. Refer as needed to our course packet pages 6-14. What are your honest expectations or hopes for this trip and how do we travel compassionately and responsibly?


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