working at nibi

so working at Nibi
was it worth it? well at nibi i helped with two jobs one was weeding out the garden that wrapped around the perimeter of the school the other was helping to clear out the muck from a stuck drain.
The drain work made sense, clogged it stopped water from running and made a stagnant pool where mosquitos which spread disease would breed. the weeding didnt make sense to me for one on two of the four sides of the parameter it was vacant land that was pretty much still jungle on the other two sides face dilapidated neighborhoods who i highly doubt would complain about a few weeds. The weeding was hot and we spent alot of time using rusty tools to pathetically hack away at the stems while trying to dig in HARD soil to get the roots. Im assuming the weeds will grow back in a few weeks but maybe as the profs mentioned the point of working was not to accomplish a physical goal as much as to help grow relationships. So hopefully the relationships we are in grow like those!



1 thought on “working at nibi

  1. And perhaps even if the neighbors don’t care it will provide a visual to them of people (Christians) who do. Also, just because the neighborhoods are dilapidated does not mean the people living there will not appreciate beauty. Hopefully you created relationships with NIBI and began a bridge to the neighborhoods!

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