Jake Lampen
assignment 4

At home when when you go shopping people usually browse in multiple stores looking for the best deal on whatever it is you need. When your here in many ways the store comes to you. When your walking in any market the store owners will call out to you. They will try to sell you everything in their stands if you don’t walk away. The store owner will also continually change their price depending on how interested you seem. I’ve been offered the same book for one dollar and for seven dollars.

Since I’ve been here I’ve been wondering about what causes these differences and there are a few reasons. The first one it that everyone has the same products so all of the shops have to compete for the lowest price. This means that the consumer has all of the power and can almost set their own price. The second reason is that everyone is just so desperate to make a sale. They need to make money for their family and they only get a small percentage of anything that they sell.

Now what are we as tourists and pilgrims to do? I think that tourists buy from these markets just like we do back home. Finding the lowest price that we can and not giving any thought to how this whole system is. Pilgrims will shop and trying to get a fair price while thinking about why these markets are the way that they are. Pilgrims see how these people are going against their nature. They see these people being outgoing and confronting people for a sale when they would much rather do the exact opposite. Pilgrims see them trying to make a living by any means necessary no matter much they dislike their job.


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  1. Jake,

    Glad to hear from you. We pray for you every chance we get. Sounds like your having a great experience.



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