A Light in the Dark

This is a response to the 5th blog, and is by Matthew Stoel.
I always thought that it was very cliche to say “What would Jesus do?”But found myself stating this while we were coming back from our trip on Tonle Sap Lake. Two things struck me during this Friday. The first was at the Dial Community. Kids swarmed the building just to receive one meal. My heart broke for every one of them, and although this NGO serves lunch it fulfills a huge need in the community. It can be debated as to whether or not this is a good NGO and if it is promoting good development, but when we do that, which we have been i feel as if we look over the fact that this program is helping many lives. It is true that they could do things different, or add things to their mission but at least they are taking one step and doing something about it. There is no room to talk and judge them when we are doing less than they. I like thinking about what Good development looks like, and know that it is more than just giving, but Jesus gave. He gave his time, his wisdom, and even his life. The kids in the Dial community would wait in line for food, receive food, then put it in a bag for their family without taking a bite. Children with malnutrition stumbled in, and mothers with babies went up for seconds. I took two trays for two little girls. I set them down and they sat down as well. I was ready to sit with them and eat when they shoveled their food in this plastic bag. They didn’t say anything because they know what they had to do. I crouched down and prayed because that was the only thing that I could give at that time. These two girls showed me how to live and love.

This subject came up again when our boat was coming back in to dock. Multiple times people that lived on the lake would drive their boat up and ask for money from our boat. Over a period of time, it gets to be a drag to always be asked for money and “no thanks”seems to flow out naturally now. One man and his daughter drove up to the boat and asked for money. Professor Prium was sitting in front of me and I asked her what we were to do. Are we to say no because we are sick of it, and believe that they should not beg but try to produce something that could earn them money, or are we to give them handouts. Again, I believe that this country needs good development but who are we to say no to someone that is in need. Jesus lived with the diseased, prayed with the poor and fed the 5000. It is a very hard thing to know what to do but although it is just one person, you may be changing their life. You do not know who they are, or what they have been through. Jesus would have gave up his time, and money to hang out with as many of these people as he could. So the question remains, why is it so hard to be like Jesus.


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