Official Course Blog Assignment #7 & 8

It’s Professor Pruim blogging from Prof DeRooy’s acct. Here are the next two blog assignments. Get YOUR TWO done before we leave Phnom Penh – if at all possible.

We just finished our International Student Seminar on Law and Development with 120 students from 5 universities. You may choose to blog on either or both of the following assignments related to your conference experience.

#7: How did this conference change your understanding of development in Cambodia? Concretely summarize several things that you have learned as a result of the seminar presentations, Q&A and multi-national small group discussions.

#8: We’ve been learning about cultural intelligence. Reflect on the actions, interactions, and communication across languages and cultures that you experienced during the seminar. Discuss 2 or 3 ways you feel that your own cultural intelligence has improved because of this multi-national seminar experience: what did you learn about how to act, communicate or interpret across cultural boundaries OR react to the actions, communication and implied perspectives of others.  Please avoid identifying specific persons if your comments are negative.

Happy Reflecting!


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