Blog Contest for our readers Question #1

Thank you everyone for following along with us on our adventure to Cambodia.   It truly is exciting to see how God is at work in Cambodia.  We appreciate your prayers and support.

This morning we got to visit the CRWRC country headquarters.   We had a short presentation about how the CRWRC works in Cambodia.  It is always exciting for me to step into the office of CRWRC in PP.

Most of the group is currently in a remote village for the night experiencing first hand what the partners of CRWRC are doing and how a successful church looks like.    I stayed behind with two sick students and am glad to report that they are both feeling much better. We hope to connect with the group in the morning when they visit IJM.

We had fun connecting with Amanda Hayes this past few weeks.  She was here with us in PP and today is headed to Thailand for a short retreat.   Amanda graduated from Calvin last year and was on our interim January of 2010.   She is currently an intern for CRWRC working with GCT and NIBC.  You can read about her blog here:

I would like to start our BLOG QUIZ:

Here are the rules:

  • anyone may play including employees of Calvin College.
  • you may enter many times, but if you already won a previous entry, we will award the prize to another contestant.
  •  We really only have less than one week left before we go to the farm and will not have access to the internet, so this will be a short contest.
  • we will post questions on the blog.  The question will have something to do about our  class or our connections to Cambodia.  If you know the correct answer to a blog question then you should email your answer to   The professors will judge the entries and post the winner on the blog.
  • The winner will be mailed a small prize – something from Cambodia, when we return to Michigan.

Hopefully this all makes sense.  A summary is this: answer the questions by emailing and you may win a small prize.

So, here is the first question:
What do the acronyms NIBC,GCT, CRWRC, PP and IJM stand for?

Leonard De Rooy



1 thought on “Blog Contest for our readers Question #1

  1. Thank you so much for the privilege of following our grand daughter Jessie Hulst’s trip to Cambodia via the Internet blog. The pictures and writtten materials were priceless and gave us a chance to pray meaningfully for the group. God bless you all as you sort through the challenges this trip inevitably presents. Thank you!
    Bruce and Kathy Hulst

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