The Sounds of Morning – Takeo Village

A dog barks

Someone quietly moves pots in the open-air kitchen behind the house

An unseen gecko clicks seven times near the bedroom window

Across the roadside stream a TV voice rambles like a sports announcer in Khmer

Water is dipped with a small plastic pot from a large cistern then poured slowly into another bowl

A rooster crows

Birds in the trees are greeting each other

A motorcycle rumbles past the church courtyard

A radio voice sounds- an Islamic call to prayer chanting, then pausing, then a dip in the tone – mournful yet sweet

Footsteps – soft fleshy toes padding across the cool tile floors

A rooster crows

A moto revs and putz putz putzes to a stop nearby

Women talk at the worktable out back as they chop the fruit

Several footfalls race past – flip flops splatting against the fine gravel and dirt between the house and the church

More voices – sleepy English greetings, looking for drinking water

Beyond the concrete wall at the neighbors large saws begin their zumming

A rooster crows


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