ESA farm – offline the rest of the week

It has been a wonderful time so far. Today we said goodbye to our HILS friends, some of them went back home to Korea today while others are moving to housing in PP as they are staying for a few months for internships.
Tomorrow we will travel to the rural ESA farm (Eden school of Agriculture). This is a farm owned by Navy and Ly We will be staying in a shelter building sleeping under mosquito nets for the rest of our time here. This will be a great experience but, alas, we will not have access to the internet so after we leave in the morning we will have limited access to our blog. A good rule would be “no news is good news”.

Please pray that we will have safe travels, and be able to connect with the people from the local villages.

Leonard De Rooy


1 thought on “ESA farm – offline the rest of the week

  1. Dr. DeRooy,
    As a parent of one of the students who are on this amazing trip, I would just like to thank you and everyone who are posting blogs to let those of us back home know what you are doing and experiencing over in Cambodia. And the pictures are just fantastic. It is nice to see my son in the pictures – to know that he is doing well and looks great. The grandparents are also enjoying reading the blog and (when they can get to someone’s computer) to see the pictures. They just loved the one with their grandson on an elephant. Thank you again for including us on your trip.

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