Hunger and Joy, Alison DeRooy

This is a late reflection about hunger from when we participated in feeding many children lunch with the organization Dail. I fed a small girl lunch (maybe 4 years old). I sat next to her and helped her put food on her spoon and encouraged her to eat it. Her older sister (maybe 10 years old) continually reminded the small girl to eat her rice and vegetables first. However, the small girl kept sneaking her dessert (fruit) and avoiding her vegetables. After every successful bite of dessert, she would grin up at me as if to say “Did you see that?” The small girl ate her fruit so slowly, as if to savor the taste. In fact, she at it so slowly that she never actually ate any rice or vegetables and the older sister wrapped the food up in a bag to bring to their family. It seems that even in the face of hunger, kids still want their dessert first 🙂 The small girl continued to grin at me to make sure I saw that she got away without her vegetables.

Today we went to a church that I went to 2 years ago. It is a beautiful and humble church with many smiling faces. There is something about worshiping in more than 1 language at a time that is meaningful, joyful, and peaceful all at the same time. There is something about remembering faces and friends from 2 years ago. There is something about standing and hearing a prayer in another language that you can’t understand yet still feel what is being said in your heart. Uniting with people who are different yet the same brings me immense joy.


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