Learning about development in Cambodia

Claire Phillippi
We went to an international student convention on Monday and Tuesday. I learned quite a bit about development and what the some students of Cambodia are interested in. I didn’t really know anything about development when I came here. I knew it requires an infrastructure which is something Cambodia does not really have.
I would say the most important thing I have learned about development has been that you need the help of the people. How can you develop an area that does not want to be developed? Another key point that I learned was that Ownership. While I worked in Manufacturing as an intern we had the hardest time getting people to care about their work and take ownership of their areas. It was funny to me that was a similar problem in Cambodia. It seems people here just want handouts. When they get them they might let go the innovations that some foreign or local NGO just set up. It is a problem of encouragement and empowerment.
I learned many other things about laws and the economy of Cambodia. I have a great hope that Cambodia will prosper in the upcoming years. I just hope that Cambodians learn to not lean on their government so strongly.


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