Prayer to the King

Jay Gabbard here with a response to question #10. It reads..
#10: As our time in Cambodia draws to a close, the final course blog assignment is to craft a prayer – your prayer for Cambodia and its people. You can be concrete and pray specifically for some of the organizations we visited and the people you met, but you may also pray for the faceless names or the nameless faces you have become aware of and your fellow students and yourself. What is your hope and prayer as we exit and return to our lives back in North America?
Father God,
I ask that you would continue to develop this country that has gone through a horrifying period of history. I can say that it is evident you are working in big ways through these people. I am serious when I say there is a lot of hope here. Give strength and hope to the Cambodians that are weak. Reveal to them your power and presence Lord. Place people in their lives that can spread your word and reveal who you are. Give boldness to those who know you. Stretch them beyond their own comfort and give them perseverance.
Lord I also pray for CRWRC. I thank you for their vision and thoughtful process of bringing the love and community you push us to seek. Continue to bring peace and joy to anyone involved with the organization and for those who find pain and struggle, lift them up. Push them to seek you when they are low. Encourage them in their walk. I pray for the community organizers that they would listen to the needs of the people and elect the right leaders. For any people helping support CRWRC, I ask that you would make clear their support is going a long way.
Lord I lift up Theary Seng, author of “Daughter of the Killing Fields” who met with us last night for dinner. I want to ask you to give her wisdom Lord as she works to bring justice to the Khmer Rouge Trials. Give her hope and clarity through this difficult time. I also ask that you would give her balance with her work. Help her to cut out time aside from work to be involved in community. Place individuals in her life that can foster healthy community and let her know she is loved.
Lastly, I ask that you would give our group health. Currently, some of the students are running fevers and signs of malaria.. Help us find strength in you and know you never leave our side. As we change pace and head to the farm, help us to be safe and wise. Keep us in your hands Lord.
Father God, thank you for all that you have done with us thus far in Cambodia and I ask that you would continue to strengthen us. Help us to acknowledge you in all that we do.
In your sons heavenly name,


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