Snow in Korea

Sitting in the Seoul airport and thinking how cold that white stuff on the ground is. I think that it is called snow. When I shovel the driveway next week I will think back to the warm waters at the coast.

We only have one more flight to go to get to Chicago. True it is a 14ish hour flight…



ESA farm and future travels

Just a quick note: We are back in PP and had a wonderful time at the farm and a wonderful day at the coast.
Today we have a slow day with a final dinner meeting with CRWM, CRWRC, GCT etc before catching our evening flight.

If all goes well, we should be back on Calvin’s campus around 3:00pm on Friday.

We do have a winner for our 2nd blog question. I will announce it later when I get a chance to sort through my inbox. 🙂

Thank you all for your prayers and support during this trip! Please pray for safe travels, comfortable seats, and healthy bodies.


ESA farm – offline the rest of the week

It has been a wonderful time so far. Today we said goodbye to our HILS friends, some of them went back home to Korea today while others are moving to housing in PP as they are staying for a few months for internships.
Tomorrow we will travel to the rural ESA farm (Eden school of Agriculture). This is a farm owned by Navy and Ly We will be staying in a shelter building sleeping under mosquito nets for the rest of our time here. This will be a great experience but, alas, we will not have access to the internet so after we leave in the morning we will have limited access to our blog. A good rule would be “no news is good news”.

Please pray that we will have safe travels, and be able to connect with the people from the local villages.

Leonard De Rooy

Reader blog question #2

Hmm. It appears that nobody has answered our reader contest: blog question #2. We will change the rules from the fifth person to correctly answer to the first person to correctly answer. Scoll down through the entries of this blog to find the on about the blog question #2 to see the original question. You can find the answer on the RDI’s website at

Prof Leonard De Rooy

Blog question #2

Here is the second blog question:

Tomorrow we will visit RDI Cambodia One of the things that they make are inexpensive ceramic water filters. Please describe in a short email how the filter works.

The winner will go to the fifth person to email the correct answer to

Blog question 1 answer!

blog question #1 answer.

Congratulations to Cheryl for being the winner of our first question!

Here is her answer:

From: Cheryl Tenbrink
Subject: blog contest #1

What do the acronyms NIBC, GCT, CRWRC, PP and IJM stand for?

NIBC – New International Builders Community
GCT – Genesis Community of Transformation
CRWRC – Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
PP – Phnom Penh
IJM – International Justice Mission

Praying daily for you all, and thank you and praise God for what you are doing and for loving and caring for my daughter :).

Cheryl TenBrink